Allen & Son contacted Focus IT after their previous IT support provided unrealistic estimations for a hybrid set-up. Focus IT went one step further and helped them migrate to hosted infrastructure - allowing for remote working, a reduction in licencing costs and an end to upfront fees.

Cloud technology

The people

With over 35 years’ experience in providing accountancy and taxation services, A. Allen & Son specialises in delivering proactive financial support and bespoke guidance on business strategy.

Owned by Darren Cooper, the practice is fully accredited and aims to help clients achieve maximum profit while minimising their tax bill. Despite uncertain economic circumstances, A. Allen & Son provides a level of business continuity and support for clients through their rich and professional service.

The focus

With a reputation for enhancing the solutions of various other accountancy practices, our names were first mentioned by Darren’s bank manager after he’d expressed an interest in changing providers. We received a second referral from a colleague of Darren’s and, from there, the scene was set.

Darren revealed an interest in moving away from full on-site to a hybrid set-up. Ideally, he wanted an on-site server with emails and back-up in the cloud. While we could provide this for a much more realistic cost, we believed there was a better way that would allow A. Allen & Son to offer the same level of service that was both agile and cost-efficient.

Our solution

As the world continues to move towards remote working, we knew that hosted infrastructure would provide greater flexibility – not to mention add more value long-term. While initially sceptical about relying wholly on the internet, Darren agreed it made practical sense. A. Allen & Son’s cashflow was also helped by spreading the payments over a period of time.

By choosing cloud, Darren wouldn’t need to upgrade each of his Windows 7 PCs to be compatible with the new server.

Instead, hosted desktops would allow the devices to run modernised applications without the need for arduous and costly upgrades.

What’s more, the added flexibility allowed employees to work from home – a modern necessity if there ever were one. And by doing so, A. Allen & Son was able to retain levels of business continuity – particularly if lockdown should be enforced again. As a result, they continue to offer a high-quality service to clients who may be struggling in the current economic climate.

Our Impact

“With everyone working from home, we couldn’t have asked for a better solution. Not only were Focus IT able to deliver a cost-effective service, but implement infrastructure that prepared us for the unpredictable”.