The time has come for Focus to change a few things. In the coming weeks, we’ll gradually replace the familiar IT tools we use to support our customers’ IT infrastructures.

Whilst you won’t have to take any action as a result of these changes, we still want to keep you in the loop. After all, we’ve got a reputation for transparency and integrity here at Focus. Our working processes are simply an extension of your business, so we understand that it’s important for you to know why we’re modifying our approach.

Our latest blog has all the information you need.

Why the change?

Nothing stands still in technology for very long anymore. At Focus, we’re always looking for the most effective ways to support IT systems, and the rapid advancements in the sector have encouraged us to change our current toolset. Not only will these new tools increase the efficiency at which we make repairs, they will also give our team access to more insightful reporting. This means we can get to the crux of issues at a quicker pace and take more effective action.

We are also introducing improved patching and security updates for all our customers. This helps to protect you from the myriad of ever-evolving cyberthreats out there, whilst simultaneously offering enhanced control of your IT assets. Self-sufficiency is also at the forefront of these changes. Customers with an IT department will soon be able to downstream our state-of-the-art tools – allowing you to manage your system independently. All of these adjustments have been made in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation – so you can rest assured your information is completely safe.

 How will it affect me?

The simple answer is – it won’t.

Updates and modifications are being made as we speak here at Focus HQ – and none of these changes are set to cause customer downtime or complications. It’s all being done in the background and will have no direct impact on your infrastructure or any devices. The only time we’ll ask for anything from you is if you’ve chosen our new downstream service. This is simply a case of us giving you access to the platform – which can be accomplished in one short phone call.

 When is all this happening?

Focus are rolling out these changes over the course of the next month or two, and everything is being done in a subtle, unobtrusive manner. We hope we’ve cleared everything up, but if you have any questions or concerns about the New Focus or our services in general, by all means get in touch!

Our helpful and supportive IT team are available on 01625 221 077 or 01158 800 999, as well as via email at Remember to sign up to our newsletter to be one of the first to know about everything happening at Focus and the IT support sector.

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