Focus IT have been providing IT support to Ablewell Care for over five years. As the business evolves, we continue to expand our service offering, as part of our commitment to the organisation and its people.

Abelwel care

The people

Ablewell Care provide care for individuals in their homes, from wellbeing checks through to meal preparation and escorted hospital visits. Based in Macclesfield, they have a team of over 50 carers operating throughout Cheshire. They rely heavily on remote communication, interacting via an app and emails to manage the care and wellbeing of their clientele. This makes reliable systems and support vital to the ongoing success of the business.

The focus

We were approached by Ablewell Care in 2012, ahead of the company’s office move. The organisation had decided to cut ties with their previous IT provider; a one-man band whose service no longer met the needs of the business.

Their focus was to find a professional support service that they could rely on to manage their backups, system monitoring and call-outs. Having heard about Focus IT through a personal recommendation, they got in touch to see how we could help.

Our solution

We consulted with NUCO Travel to determine their needs, and recommend a quality phone system that suited their requirements. The web-based portal allows them to manage their system from any device, with a host of customisable features to choose from.

Everyone in the building now has a dedicated VoIP phone line, hosted securely by Focus IT. As the company has ambitious growth plans for the coming years, this system is designed to scale easily as new members of staff come on board.


We don’t just support their ongoing needs; we also offer practical help. During the office move, and subsequent relocation, we facilitated the switchover. Our team installed network points and arranged for a trusted electrician to take care of the wiring.

Focus IT always look for ways to improve theway technology works for Ablewell Care. Recently, they have moved to hosted emails, reducing their licencing costs and speeding up their systems by taking the responsibility for storing emails away from their server.

Our Impact

“Somehow the green faces do not seem enough of feedback for how efficient and helpful the team are.It’s always a worry that when a company growsand staff change, you lose something, but youseem to have got it just right. Many thanks foreverything that you all contribute to the smoothrunning of our services to our own Customers”