Why is cloud computing becoming more popular? Businesses everywhere are migrating to the cloud as their new business framework.

The digital era has taken over, and companies are having to adapt and evolve to stay ahead. The cloud has become an increasingly popular choice for businesses to remain proactive and has many attractive advantages.

However, the pandemic has caused a handful of business problems to unfold. Luckily, cloud based solutions can combat these complications and help you stay ahead of the curve.

Challenges faced by businesses during the pandemic:

1. Remote Workforce

Having a remote workforce has been a serious adjustment during 2020. Usually, if you need a hand or have a question; your team is next to you or across the room. But with remote working, it’s not as easy. Being able to co-operate on the same projects and produce quality work has been challenging.

Here are a few cloud based solutions which can help increase your teams’ productivity and efficiency while working at home:

  1. SharePoint: Keep all your files in one place and enable your team to simultaneously work on the same projects. You can share and manage content across various Microsoft applications.
  2. OneDrive: Store all your files on the cloud, access them anywhere, and know that they are both protected and backed up regularly, making teamwork easier.
  3. Microsoft Lists: Track your team’s work and organise your employee’s workloads more efficiently. Create group projects and manage your team remotely.

Remote workinh

2. Remote Team Culture

Keeping your team motivated and collaborating effectively has been another hurdle to jump over this year. Team culture is the heart of many companies, as it helps employees thrive and encourages hard work. Without the office environment, this can be hard to implement, but a few cloud-based solutions can help boost team culture, even remotely.

  1. Microsoft Teams: Collaborate with your team seamlessly. With integrations into SharePoint, Outlook, OneDrive, and more, you can effortlessly access all your documents and communicate easily with your colleagues.
  2. Microsoft Forms: Keep track of your team’s goals and concerns by creating surveys or polls which can be answered anonymously. Or make fun quizzes and keep your team engaged with light-hearted activities.
  3. G Suite: Take advantage of Google for business and utilise their many applications enabling your team to collaborate and share calendar information or files anywhere easily, even over instant messaging.

Microsoft Teams

3. Preparing for the future

A challenge for businesses, even without the current climate, is being prepared for the future. A pandemic certainly threw many of us off balance, so these cloud based solutions should help you get back on track and help future-proof your business.

  1. Microsoft Azure: The ideal cloud based solution for businesses to remain modern and upgrade their existing IT framework into the cloud. Unpack the many benefits, such as reduced overheads, increased security, and regular back-ups. There is no better way to be prepared for the future than with a cloud based infrastructure.
  2. Hosted Desktop IaaS: Be equipped for the future, erase all hardware maintenance, increase robust security solutions, have better control and visibility over your systems, and do it all from one singular location.

Cloud technology

If you need help creating a secure cloud environment for your team to work in and implement all these tools correctly, why not get some extra IT support? It can save you a lot of time.

These cloud based solutions will maximise your organisation’s efficiency and boost productivity. Tackle all your business challenges caused by Covid-19 with these innovative cloud based solutions.

If you haven’t already implemented these cloud services and applications, there is no greater time than the present. And if you want to take the plunge and fully migrate to the cloud, why not talk to our experts?

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