Many businesses are becoming more flexible with allowing workers to not always work from an office space. This means that employees need to prioritise making the experience of accessing their work virtually a seamless one so that productivity is not hindered. 

What is Cloud transformation?

Cloud Transformation may initially seem like a complicated process to get our heads around, but ultimately, it’s about migrating your business online to cloud-based files as opposed to on-premise. You can move everything from emails, files, photos, contacts and procedures to cloud-based storage, meaning that you have more space to archive and less of a need for hundreds of filing cabinets. Having all your data and work in the Cloud transforms the way your business works. Data can be accessed instantly on multiple different devices in various locations.

What is a virtual desktop?

A virtual desktop is a computer that enables you to access and operate your computer over the internet, as if you were in the office. A virtual desktop infrastructure is essentially a network of virtual desktops all operated from a central location. 

How does Citrix Virtual Desktop work?

Citrix Virtual Desktop simplifies management and increases security, of important information, even when users are on personal devices or in multiple locations. It provides easy access for all employees by creating desktops on demand to keep them equipped with all the resources they need. You can also share information and apps with users and customers through your Citrix Virtual Desktop and trust that everything will respond well in high definition on almost every device.

Citrix Virtual Desktop can be tailored to suit your exact business needs so that you don’t have to stress about unnecessary changes and payments. It will replicate your existing data, systems and processes and transport them into the Cloud so that you can pick up right where you left off.  

Despite Citrix Virtual Desktop allowing more expansion and flexibility, it is also easy to use and install for team leaders as they can manage everything from one platform. This means that not only can everyone have everything they need, but that you can also manage consistent security across your entire virtual infrastructure to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. 

Hosted Desktop Services 

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Top 5 benefits of virtual desktops:

  • Enables flexibility for workers:

    people can work wherever they choose without hindering productivity.

  • Provides seamless experience for all clients and users:

    pick up right where you left off.

  • It scales as your business scales:

    as customer demands develop, technology evolves and your business grows, it’s vital to have a flexible infrastructure that provides for your business long-term.
  • Simplified security:

    worry less about keeping everything safe on different platforms. Having everything in one centralised virtual desktop infrastructure means you get a simpler and cost-effective security coverage.
  • Stay ahead of evolving demands:

    ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve and is future proofed to tackle every changing customer demand and technological advancements.

How do you know virtual desktops are right for your business?

The great thing about Citrix Virtual Desktop is that they have a variety of systems to cater to different organisations. Our team of experts are always on hand to discuss what your best options are.

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