How we are leveraging Teams & Zoom for internal communication during the Pandemic

At the start of the pandemic when everyone had to start working from home, naturally this was very easy for us to implement & we had all the necessary tools to get this operational. With some clients, who maybe hadn’t fully embraced the cloud yet, there was a little more work to do, however we made it happen.
One thing that became clear, is that with people working in multiple locations was a challenge to overcome with inter-team & inter-departmental communications within the business.

We were obviously able to make calls / have meetings / collaborate & chat, despite all this, there wasn’t that convenience of us all being sat together side by side & talk through issues & communicate 100% effectively internally. We explored a little more to see if we could take things further. We decided to have a permanent meeting room setup within Microsoft Teams, however, we immediately hit a stumbling block.

We integrated our VOIP phones into Microsoft Teams so we could make & receive calls directly from our Computers & Laptops (talk to our techs if you want to find out more). This gave us great functionality and flexibility. For example, we can use headsets / direct into the PC & no longer have to have phone handsets.

However, it also limited our ability to push further with Microsoft Teams to achieve our goal as we still needed to make & receive calls at the same time as being on the meeting. We therefore decided to use Zoom to facilitate this. We can setup a meeting in the morning with departmental rooms, a breakout room & a meeting room – so we can talk face to face when we need to. It’s not quite like being in the office, but has definitely improved inter-company communication.
We would argue that Zoom is at the moment more geared for this kind of usage & for the foreseeable it looks like we will continue to use both. Microsoft Teams is certainly improving all the room-based functionality.
If you would like any further information, feel free to ask one of our techs about our experience of using these technologies. If you aren’t using one already now is the time!