With Christmas well and truly behind us & spring soon to be springing we thought we’d Focus a little more on what’s been happening with us over the last month & share some exciting news about a new Cyber Security offering we have been working on.

The Pandemic has seen levels of cybercrime soar to new highs: whether we like it or not all businesses have a target on their backs. All organisations need to be more aware & try & mitigate those risks. There is no silver bullet to this, it has to be achieved with a more rounded approach. Now more than ever we need to be more vigilant than ever before with our 3 P’s of security.

People, Processes & Protection:

Making employees aware of cyber security threats and give them the tools to be secure and still work efficiently such as a secure password manager along with simulation-based testing. Password management tools are also a must for business these days & some may even provide a degree of “dark web monitoring” to check if any of your employees / passwords have been compromised. Simulation based testing / phishing simulations on employees periodically will go some way to giving you another layer of protection & testing the effectiveness of your training.

Process & Document management frameworks like Cyber Essentials & ISO 27001 will go some way towards improving your protecting you & helping you understand more as a business where some of these risks lie.

360 Degree Protection & covering all your bases is the most essential aspect in our ever changing and now, more homeworker-based world. Our offering, Focus Secure 360 is a multi-pronged approach to security that goes way beyond conventional anti-virus offerings.
Focus 360 is Backed up by the full power of our SOC (Security Operations Centre) manned with Security Professionals. We can protect your employees and data whatever your IT infrastructure looks like. Cloud / On Premise / Remote Worker Machines.

We can help to guide & navigate you through all the above, to book a consultation & find out how Focus Secure 360 gives you up to £1m worth of ransomware protection *
*Ts & Cs apply – ask us for more information.

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