Focus IT have been supporting NUCO Travel’s phone and IT systems since the company’s establishment five years ago. As the company and its partner, Get Me To The Alps, continue to grow, we provide a flexible, scalable service.

The people

NUCO Travel and Get Me To The Alps work in tandem to sell and operate ski holidays in the French Alps, The Pyrenees and beyond. Based in Manchester, they have a 20-strong team on-site providing support to customers online and over the phone.

The tour operator and travel agent rely heavily on digital communications to manage their bookings smoothly. Together, they support approximately 23,000 passengers every year, making the reliability of their systems critical.

The focus

Having supported the company’s Finance Director in a previous role, we were the first port of call when NUCO Travel sought professional IT and telephony support. We were approached to resolve issues with the phone lines and system in their new office.

Their focus was to achieve secure, reliable communications that could scale up with the evolution of the business. To this end, they also sought easy-to-use phone systems that would give them complete control over their calls.

Our solution

We consulted with NUCO Travel to determine their needs, and recommend a quality phone system that suited their requirements. The web-based portal allows them to manage their system from any device, with a host of customisable features to choose from.

Everyone in the building now has a dedicated VoIP phone line, hosted securely by Focus IT. As the company has ambitious growth plans for the coming years, this system is designed to scale easily as new members of staff come on board.

We also offer cyber security and IT support for the NUCO Travel and Get Me To The Alps teams, ensuring their firewall and backups are up-to-date. In doing so, we give our client total assurance that their operations are free from the risk of downtime.

Our services are provided on a rolling monthly basis, covering all support and maintenance, making this a simple, cost-effective and fuss-free solution.

Our Impact

“Somehow the green faces do not seem enough of feedback for how efficient and helpful the team are.It’s always a worry that when a company growsand staff change, you lose something, but youseem to have got it just right. Many thanks foreverything that you all contribute to the smoothrunning of our services to our own Customers”