Putting your security first

In today’s world, wi-fi access is a clear statement of intent. People want to log in, tune out and browse at their leisure, wherever they happen to be. Retail and hospitality venues can tap into this trend. The reward? A stockpile of precious user data, and a stronger draw for anyone who encounters your brand.

Wi-fi solutions benefit you and the customer. Plus, with installation and management from our experts, you won’t have to worry about the specifics. Just let us take care of the technical stuff, while you focus on creating a great customer experience.

Data capture

To log on, users will have to pass through a network portal, agreeing to share their data. Retail wi-fi allows you to store, compile and analyse information about customers, including their email address. Together, this will sharpen your marketing strategy.

Fast and secure connections

Patchy, sluggish wi-fi is worse than having none at all. Focus operate reliably quick internet access via our remote servers. We’ll cope with any demand on your network, using encryption and other security measures to minimise the risk of downtime.

Scalable Packages

Managing a chain of retail outlets? We will scale with you, offering a bespoke wi-fi service that can move up or down in complexity. Prices are never fixed forever; it’s all about what you need and can afford.

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