For the past year, we’ve been making sure that climbing brand Rock Up don’t have to scramble for reliable IT support. With more centres springing up around the country, we’re thrilled to be working with this up-and-coming company...


The people

Rock Up have mastered the fun of climbing activities for all ages. Their theme park-style centres allow families, friends, and corporate teams to bond over timed challenges, complete with plenty of colour, vivacity and dynamic moving elements.

As Rock Up have evolved from a single climbing centre to a multi-site operation, so have their IT requirements. Getting these buildings IT-ready, and ensuring the smooth transfer of data between them, is crucial as the company realises its expansion plans.

The focus

Upon speaking to us, Rock Up admitted their current provider only operated in one territory, and therefore wasn’t flexible enough to support Rock Up’s growth plans. They wanted a company that could support all their climbing centres across the UK.

In addition, cost was a major concern: the original provider was too expensive. Focus were able to offer a cost-effective, scalable service, so that each site, no matter where it is, would receive the right level of planning, support and maintenance.

Our solution

Rock Up set a period of 12 weeks from the purchase of two new sites to opening day: in that time, we managed to install access points, CCTV, online security and the wi-fi network for both premises.

To do so effectively, we liaised with contractors on-site, shaping how the digital infrastructure would be installed and cared for. Both venues came in on-schedule, and have met the client’s needs and expectations ever since.


The client was also eager to migrate to Office 365, instead of sticking with Google Drive. A lot of the Rock UP team weren’t happy with its limitations; we helped them embrace a better, cross-communicative data solution!Finally, Focus are also poised to trim Rock Up’s hardware costs; instead of leaving them to fork out for new systems, we’re providing refurbished items for a potential fourth branch before the end of 2017.

Our Impact

“Although they’re very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, Focus are accommodating too… they’re all about the customer. We’ve never, ever spoken to them and had a nasty response… No matter how small or large the problem is, they’re always positive!”