Easy, effective data archiving

As an agency, you need the ability to quickly and easily pluck any file from the depths of your storage system, whenever you desire. Being unable to locate items or track project progress wastes a frustrating amount of time and energy.

Fortunately, organising your storage system is refreshingly simple with Focus. We provide data archiving solutions that offer access to old versions of files, meaning you’ll be able to comfortably keep tabs on the developmental stages of every project.

High-speed connections and top security

No creative company can survive without an unfaltering high-speed internet connection. Similarly, with cybercrime on the rise, it’s equally important to have a built-in security system that will keep out advanced threats.

Focus can guarantee connectivity rates that rival the very best available, as well as superior cybersecurity measures – ensuring your network performs admirably whilst never succumbing to malicious digital threats.
Advanced rendering software

As a Dawn Creative Digital, Creative Agency, you may be tasked with producing both 2D and 3D imagery for various clients in different sectors. Given the competitive quality of the modern market, only the finest technology will suffice in these scenarios.

Thankfully, Focus make image production a breeze, offering access to quality rendering models which can be adapted according to your specifications and desires. Whatever the demands of the client, you’ll be able to fulfil them thanks to our rendering support.

If you’re a digital agency owner in search of smart IT support, get in touch with the Focus team today on 01625 221 077 or send a message to info@wordpress-657849-2149897.cloudwaysapps.com. We’d be delighted to answer any questions you might have and explain why we’re the perfect fit for your growing company.

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