Why are we changing how customers raise tickets?

Our new support platform makes it much easier to raise a ticket. It means we can help you more effectively and more promptly. Time spent on the phone / answering inbound calls is time we could be spending resolving tickets. If we can get more information before we start looking at an issue we are better poised to tackle said issue more efficiently and effectively.


How do I raise a ticket?

1) Visit https://support.wearefocus.co.uk in any browser


2) You will need to sign in with your Office 365 email address and password (you may be asked to accept when you first login).

If you don’t have an Office 365 account enter your email and you will be asked to choose a password.


permission request3) You will be taken straight into the Contact Support menu where (at the top) you can search for the issue you are experiencing. Alternatively, you can look through the categories listed to find the one most relevant to your issue.

The easiest way is searching, however, if for some reason you can’t find what your problem is, just select  “Something Else” at the very bottom).




4) Once you select the ticket most relevant to your problem, follow and fill in the form and press the Submit button. We will then get back to you as quickly as we can.




inside-portal-3What if I have no internet?

You can visit the portal on your mobile phone ( https://support.wearefocus.co.uk or alternatively call us.


What else can I do on the portal?

The portal also has guides on the most common topics users contact us about as well as Office 365 training. There is also a link to our Teamviewer & soon we will be providing an online procurement / IT Purchasing Portal for clients. We are aiming to launch this Procurement Portal in August 2021


Thanks & Regards,


The Focus Support Team