As an owner-managed business with four sites in the North West and Scotland, Walker Sime felt their old IT support wasn’t hitting the mark. Focus took them to another level, boosting their speed, profits and client reputation.


The people

Walker Sime are a quantity surveying and project management practice with 20 years under their belt. Despite an annual turnover of £6.5 million, they are still very much a family business, keeping people at the heart of their growth to Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow from a head office in Manchester.

With numerous strings to their bow – from retail projects to those in the semi-public air and multi-use residential sectors – Walker Sime have a wide spread of clients, as well as flexible working demands.

The focus

We were introduced to the company through their Finance Controller, who had used us in a previous business years ago. She remembered our work in the decommissioning process when they decided to move south – an example of going beyond the norm in comparison to many IT services.

Walker Sime came to us with a desire to replace their existing IT support. Since they had to translate a lot of data over three sites and the head office, a more robust network was critical. They were due a faster, customised form of hosting.

Our solution

On our first meeting, Walker Sime really appreciated the way in which we outlined their strengths instead of just our own. We knew the teams were well distributed, yet they also didn’t need sight of every programme. The finance team could use a personal server, for example, to limit slowdown and freezing. This would trim costs, raise performance and increase reliability in the long term.

A framework was created for every site, alongside remote working for staff on client sites to enable smooth data transfers. On top of this, we arranged for a dedicated CAD machines to improve the efficiency of the teams using software that would not run as well on laptops or PCs.


With increased fluidity, Walker Sime have found that productivity has shot up. Queries are answered much faster, since every worker has their own agent for maintenance issues. Furthermore, clients have given them amazing feedback – the brand’s reputation is better than ever.

Our Impact

“The initial advice was free of charge, and that was a refreshing style of service… We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Focus to anyone. With future IT roll-outs across the UK in the pipeline, we’ve put our complete faith in them”