Passed with flying colours blogDuring the past few months we have been working hard on making sure our quality goals are in alignment with our business goals. It is important for us to make sure that ISO is more than just a paperwork exercise & that it helps us to improve processes & service delivery. This year we smashed our target for CSAT target (customer satisfaction % for those who don’t know the acronym!) so much so that this years target is to maintain current levels! In 2020 we had a score of 95.8% so we set a target for 97% satisfaction. We surpassed this by quite some margin & the live score today stands at 98.8%. We are incredibly proud of this & is a real testament to how our staff care about delivering a positive outcome for clients. It’s not all about the technology, we are focused on you & your people.

At the start of the pandemic when everyone had to start working from home, naturally this was very easy for us to implement & we had all the necessary tools to get homeworking operational. With some clients, who maybe hadn’t fully embraced the cloud yet, there was a little more work to do, however we made it happen.
One thing that became clear, is that with people working in multiple locations was a challenge to overcome with inter-team & inter-departmental communications within the business.

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