A new, easier way to manage your Focus ITsupport and sales requests!


What is Flex?

Flex is our newly launched Customer IT Support Portal. Designed to help users manage IT support and sales requests in one accessible, easy-to-use portal, rather than via email or telephone. We’ve been working tirelessly to develop a system that allows us to shorten the support ticket lifecycle, whilst maintaining the highest level of support to our customers.

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Why have we launched Flex?

Currently, all our support tickets are raised either by telephone or email and our helpdesk team then raise the ticket on the users behalf. When doing this, the helpdesk team need to obtain as much information as possible and this can sometimes take up time for both parties. Not all tickets can be resolved during the initial call or email and often further investigation is required. Flex allows our team to capture all the information required, so that we can respond in the best and quickest time possible.


What information is needed to submit a ticket?

The Flex portal is now the simplest and most efficient way to raise a ticket with Focus. Once connected, the user will have a series of support categories in which to choose from.  The user is then prompted to answer a series of questions regarding the issue.


What are the benefits of Flex?

By capturing all this information up-front and via the portal it reduces telephone queues, ensures all necessary details are given and prevents follow-up communication and potential delays trying to gather all the information needed. Ticket resolution and response times should be greatly reduced and you can see the real-time ticket progress from within the portal. You will still receive the same level of support from our friendly, knowledgeable technical team – just in a more streamlined and efficient way!


How will Flex be rolled out ?

Flex is available to you now! We have undertaken user-testing with a small number of clients, so that we could ensure the portal is ready for use.


How do I access Flex ?

We wanted to make this as easy as possible and there are two main ways to access Flex1. Scan the QR code at the bottom of this page2. Scan the QR code sticker (supplied upon request for all users)3. Via the web portal URL https://flex.wearefocus.co.uk/ Once you reach the user login screen, simply enter your Microsoft 365 Username and Password and you’re good to go!


Can I request a Flex demo ?

Absolutely! We are always available to make sure everyone is comfortable in using Flex.Please email and we'll get back to you.
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You can also share the introduction video below with your users.


Can I still raise tickets via email or telephone?

Supporting our clients is our number 1 priority. Making sure we support are clients in the most efficient way is part of that.We are therefore asking all our clients to raise both support and sales tickets via Flex from now on. Our helpdesk team can help users with the process or any questions you may have.


Do I have to use the Flex Support Portal from now on?

In short Yes. From January 2022 we only be accepting support and sales tickets via Flex so that we can support all our customers in the most efficient way. We’ll be spending the next few months supporting all users in the transition to Flex.


What’s in the pipeline for Flex ?

Flex will always remain easy-to-use, however we want to make sure it remains fit-for-purpose and it will follow a roadmap of development, in order to stay inline with the latest technology. We welcome user feedback and will be introducing a User suggestion and feedback zone. This means we can continually offer users the best experience based on your input.


What else can Flex do ?

There is a Microsoft Training section which provides a collection of useful Microsoft Office Training Videos – great to upskill team members. We can also create user guides or how-to videos upon request, to help with user onboarding and adoption. These can also be stored within the portal for easy-access.

Please scan the QR code below to access Flex on any device or visit: https://flex.wearefocus.co.uk/


If you have any further questions about Flex, please get in touch via email