Cloud computing

Did you know that you are probably using various cloud computing services every day without even realising?

For example, OneDrive and Outlook are cloud-based Microsoft applications, and commonly used social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are also cloud-based. We know that these apps are cloud-based because they store your personal data online for you to access any time, from any device. In the modern workplace the ability to access files, documents, shared projects, emails and so much more from a variety of applications is vital.  

More businesses than ever before are migrating some, or all their applications, programs and networks to cloud computing services. International Data Group predicts that by 2021 roughly one-third of all IT budgets will go towards the Cloud. This demonstrates the growth that we have seen and will continue to see in cloud computing.  

So, for all these people to choose to invest in cloud computing – it must be worth it, right? There are numerous cloud computing advantages for businesses. Instead of researching all the reasons, take a look at the key benefits of migrating to the cloud sooner rather than later. 



Top 5 cloud computing advantages



1. Save money




There is a misconception that cloud services are going to cost businesses a lot of money. The truth is quite the opposite. Cloud service providers ensure that you only pay for what you use. This is a more cost-effective solution than traditional storage and network management methods that use a set rate every month. As well as this, considering the ROI of cloud computing, rather than the initial price, is a much smarter way to see the financial benefit to your company

2. Flexibility and mobility


Flexibility and mobility


The mobility of cloud computing is unlimited. Cloud users can customise applications and scale services that evolve as your business grows. Outsourcing your cloud computing services can give your business the boost it needs to maintain a competitive edge by having all maintenance taken care of.  

3. Loss prevention


loss prevention


Have you ever had that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you’ve accidentally deleted or mysteriously misplaced a file? Well, fear not! Cloud computing provides online data storage that you can rely upon. If your hardware fails or someone makes a mistake and accidentally deletes data, it will not result in damaging data loss if your network is properly backed up in the cloud.

4. Automation and efficiency





Cloud computing allows businesses to streamline work processes more efficiently than ever before. Cloud service providers manage the entire infrastructure so that everything is kept updated and stays in line with business goals. Regular updates will be automated and implemented for you so that you have more time to concentrate on delivering for your clients. Workforces can continue to function as efficiently as possible by having uninhibited access to all data from any device that is connected to the internet, anywhere in the world. 

5. Collaboration




Working together on projects can be a real challenge when most of your team are working remotely. However, finding the right tools for collaborating well together can make all the difference. Cloud intranets like Microsoft SharePoint allow real-time editing of shared projects and easy access to shared files. Having worldwide access means that team members can work together virtually from various locations on the same project, at the same time.

The benefits of cloud computing certainly outweigh any inconvenience of migrating data or getting used to a new system. Cloud computing increases efficiency and productivity whether you’re working remotely or in the office. Its flexibility allows businesses to rest assured knowing that no matter what challenges come our way in the months and years to come, your team will be equipped to handle it.

Discover all the advantages that cloud services can have for your specific business needs. 

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